Types of cardboard for boxes: Differences and qualities

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Cardboard is the quintessential material for making boxes, as well as for packaging, and from Euromacbox we wanted to take advantage of this post to review the different types of cardboard to make boxes, showing you the main differences between them,and showing you how to make boxes cardboard design. Let’s start!

The main types of cardboard to make boxes

Corrugated or corrugated cardboard

Among the different types of cardboard for packaging, corrugated or corrugated cardboard is the most widely used, standing out for its high resistance and versatility, since we can adapt it according to the needs of each use.

There are different types of corrugated cardboard, but all of them are made up of two elements:

  • Flute or medium: it consists of one or more sheets of corrugated paper placed in the central part.
  • Liners: are cardboard sheets that are placed between the flute, acting as separators.

Likewise, the qualities of corrugated board vary according to the number of layers, since obviously, the more layers added, the thicker and more resistant it becomes.

In addition to its high quality, we would like to highlight its great versatility, which allows us to manufacture multiple types of corrugated cardboard boxes.

And if we talk about other types of corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard is a variant of corrugated cardboard, with the difference that, instead of corrugating, it adopts a hexagonal structure similar to that of a honeycomb.


Another of the most commonly used types of cardboard for packaging is folding cartonboard, which is characterized by being a thinner type of cardboard, reminiscent of cardboard, widely used especially to manufacture packaging for the food and cosmetics industry.

Due to its lightness, it allows the manufacture of more sophisticated and better finished cardboard box models, with a high resistance, since it is possible to make them in different weights depending on the use they will receive.

Stone cardboard

Also known as grey board, plasterboard is a very hard and resistant type of boxboard made from a combination of paper pulp and gypsum, hence its high rigidity and resistance to humidity.

Its use makes it possible to improve the quality of cardboard boxes, although given its high cost and the difficulty of processing it, it is not widely used for packaging.

Solid board

One of the best types of cardboard for packaging is solid board, a type of cardboard that in most cases is made from 100% recycled cardboard, and is manufactured by pressing several layers of paper.

This cardboard stands out for its high rigidity, and in addition to being widely used for packaging toys, board games and other items, it is also used to make cornerboards, separator sheets, cardboard tubes for shipping, etc.

Carton couché

And we finish the review of the different types of cardboard with the couché cardboard, widely used for packaging of gift items, as it allows to create different types of very elegant cardboard packaging and with a careful presentation, being an excellent choice when we are looking for the best image.

Couché board is characterized by being coated in one or more layers with a glossy satin paper layer, usually white in color.



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